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19th June
written by Josh

HDBB is returning to the Melting Point on Thursday, July 11 – their first public show in Athens since last February.

As promised, the schedule is fleshing out quite a bit, so take a chance to come see the band and shake your thing.

Details about the Melting Point show, as well as tickets, can be found here.

5th June
written by Josh

Exciting news. We’ve been touting our return to public shows for quite some time now, but now we have our first official announcement (one of many coming up in the following weeks):

Half Dozen Brass band is playing at Sweetwater Brewing Company on July 28 at 2:30 pm.  We cannot wait! Details to follow soon!

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15th May
written by Josh


Hello everyone!

After a brief hiatus—necessary to recharge our creative juices, do some site updates, craft a new press packet, shuffle our newest album through production, and do some personal housekeeping—the Half Dozen Brass Band is proud to announce that we are back in business once more!

Lots of exciting stuff has been happening while we were away.  Here are just a few highlights…

  • Umcolisi TerrellWe cannot tell you how humbled we are to have Umcolisi Terrell, our newest tenor saxophone player, join HDBB.  Umcolisi has sat in with us on several occasions, and each time we’ve been blown away.  Welcome aboard, buddy!
  • Private gigs. We’ve been staying busy on the private circuit, too!
  • Site updates. A lot of the content on the site needed an overhaul, including our personnel page, our buzz page, our press kit (seen above), and our recordings page.  Which brings us to…
  • Cold Six. You can now listen to samples of our latest album on our site, buy it from CDBaby, buy it from Amazon, or buy it on iTunes. We’re very proud of our latest creation, and we hope you enjoy!

See you soon…!